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Title:Two new species of sequestrate Agaricus (section Minores) from Australia 
Authors:Lebel, T 
First page:699 
Last page:707 
Keywords:Arid habitats, Truffle-like, Cryptic diversity 
Abstract:The novel species Agaricus lamelliperditus and A. colpeteii are described and illustrated, and affinities to other taxa determined by analysis of ITS sequence data. Both taxa resemble several other recently described Australian sequestrate Agaricus species, in particular A. pachydermus, A. wariatodes and A. chartaceus, which all have a powdery hymenophore from very early stages of basidiome formation. Both novel species have affinities to section Minores. 
Document type:Article 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Lebel, T. 2012. Two new species of sequestrate Agaricus (section Minores) from Australia. Mycological Progress. 12(4):699-707 
Journal name:Mycological Progress