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Title:Entoloma subgenus Leptonia in boreal-temperate Eurasia:
towards a phylogenetic species concept
Authors:Morozova, O.V.; Noordeloos, M.E.; Vila, J. 
First page:141 
Last page:169 
Publisher:Nationaal Herbarium Nederland and Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures 
Keywords:Entolomataceae, morphology, multiple gene phylogeny, neotypes, new species 
Abstract:This study reveales the concordance between morphological and phylogenetic species concepts within Entoloma subgenus Leptonia in boreal-temperate Eurasia, combining a critical morphological examination with a multigene phylogeny based on nrITS, nrLSU, and mtSSU sequences. Total of 16 taxa were investigated. The emendent conceptions of the subgenus Leptonia and section Leptonia as well as new section Dichroi are presented. Two species (Entoloma percoelestinum and E. sublaevisporum) and one variety (E. tjallingiorum var. laricinum) are described as new to science. On the basis of the morphological and phylogenetical evidence new combinations (E. tjallingiorum var. alnetorum and E. callichroum var. venustum) are proposed, while E. lepidissimum var. pauciangulatum is treated as synonym of E. chytrophilum. Neotypes for E. dichroum, E. euchroum, and E. lampropus are designated 
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Morozova, O.V.; Noordeloos, M.E.; Vila, J. 2014. Entoloma subgenus Leptonia in boreal-temperate Eurasia:
towards a phylogenetic species concept. Persoonia. 32:141-169
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