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Title:Entoloma species from New South Wales and northeastern Queensland, Australia 
Authors:Largent, DL; Bergemann, SE; Abell-Davis, SE 
First page:329 
Last page:359 
Keywords:Basidiomycota, phylogeny, taxonomy 
Abstract:Seven new species in the Prunuloides clade of the Entolomataceae are described here: Entoloma hymenidermum is diagnosed by blackish blue basidiomata, isodiametric basidiospores and moderately broad pileocystidia; E. violaceotinctum has a violet-tinged pileus, violaceous-tinged stipe, and broad in ated pileocystidia; E. discoloratum possesses a subviscid yellow-tinged white pileus; E. kewarra is distinguished by its yellow pileus and stipe, both with a white and then eventually greenish yellow context; E. pamelae has a smooth, bright yellow, dry pileus; E. rugosiviscosum has a yellow-brown, rugose viscid pileus; and E. guttulatum is distinguished by lamellae with droplets that become reddish brown on drying. 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Largent, DL; Bergemann, SE; Abell-Davis, SE. 2014. Entoloma species from New South Wales and northeastern Queensland, Australia. Mycotaxon. 129(2):329-359