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Title:A survey of boreal Entoloma with emphasis on the subgenus Rhodopolia 
Authors:Kokkonen, K 
First page:1 
Last page:52 
Keywords:Entolomataceae, Taxonomy, Diversity, Molecular systematics, Fennoscandia 
Abstract:The taxonomy and distribution of Entoloma species were extensively studied in Finland. The emphasis was on the ‘Rhodopolioid’ group, established here as subgenus Rhodopolia. Morphological examinations were accompanied by molecular methods with ITS and RPB2 sequences. Fifty-eight type specimens, including 12 from eastern North America, were examined and 42 of them were sequenced. E. rhodopolium is neotypified. Further, E. caccabus and E. subradiatum are lectotypified. Nine species are described as new: E. boreale, E. eminens, E. lupinum, E. palustre, E. paragaudatum, E. radicipes, E. rivulare, E. serpens, all belonging to subg. Rhodopolia, and the unique E. mirum, which has both pink and dark brown fruitbodies. E. majaloides and E. sericatum were found to be highly morphologically and genetically variable, and to occur in various habitats, from lowlands to the alpine zone. Generally, the macromorphological and micromorphological features often showed considerable intraspecific variation. Several species were found to be synonymous. 
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Summary:Kokkonen, K. 2015. A survey of boreal Entoloma with emphasis on the subgenus Rhodopolia. Mycological Progress. 14(12/116):1-52