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Description:Hydnum cuneatum Lloyd. 1925. Mycol. Writ. 7:1345.
Type specimen (Holotype): [BPI] Japan: Berg Akaru, Prov. Shinano. 8.VII.1923, Coll. A. Yasuda, Lloyd Mycol. Coll. 22793. [!]
Macromorphology (preserved, mihi): Sporophore: pileus plane to depressed, radially rugose, fibrillose to tomentose or glabrous, slightly zonate, dark blonde (5D4) to light blonde (4C3) with blackish zones slightly evident; context duplex, azonate, black; taste none; odor none. Stipe: up to 2.5 x 0.8 cm, ventricose, spongy tomentose below to matted above, sallow (4D3) to olive brown (4E3) or chocolate (6F4); context duplex, up to 1.0 mm long, crowded, decurrent, white (5AI) to gray (5BI). Chemical reactions: preserved context blue green in KOH or NH4OH. Micromorphology (preserved, mihi): Pileus trama hyphae: up to 6.5 µm diam., uninflated, interwoven in subsurface layer, parallel below, unclamped. Stipe hyphae: up to 6.0 µm diam., uninflated, interwoven in subsurface layer, parallel at the center, unclamped. Spine trama hyphae: up to 4.5 µm diam., unclamped. Basidia (n=20) 24.0-30.0 x 5.4-6.2 µm (X= 26.90 " 2.38 x 5.67 " 0.29 µm), clavate, unclamped, 4-spored; sterigmata (n=10) 4.0-5.0 µm long (X= 4.45 " 0.49 µm). Basidiospores: (n=20) 4.5-5.4 (6.0) x (3.7) 4.0-5.0 ,um (X= 5.12 " 0.42 x 4.60 " 0.45 µm), subglobose, hyaline; ornamentation echinulate, spinules not prominent; hilar appendage oblique. Observations: The type material is in fragments and some measurements could not be obtained. Maas Geesteranus (1966) identified this species as Phellodon niger. After observing the type specimen, I agree with his conclusion.
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