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 Add this item to the list  Pseudocercospora vitis (Lev.) Spegazzini
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Remarks (internal):Higgins (Amer. Jour. Bot. 16: 287. 1929) describes a perfect stage, naming it Mycosphaerella personata. The conidia being dark colored, thick walled, and somewhat beaked (Alternaria-like in outline), the fungus is not considered as a Cercospora. It seems justified in instances of this kind to make use of the genus, Pseudocercospora, which Spegazzini proposed in 1910 for the grape fungus.  
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Description:Pseudocercospora vitis (Lev.) Spegazzini
Anal. Mus. Nac. B. Aires 20: 437. 1910
Septonema vitis Lev., Ann. Sci. Nat. III. 9: 261. 1848
Cladosporium viticolum Ces., Flora 38: 206. 1854
Cercospora vitis (Lev.) Sacc., Nuov. Giorn. Bot. Ital. 8: 188. 1876
Cercospora viticola (Ces.) Sacc., Syll. Fung. 4: 458. 1886
Helminthosporium vitis (Sacc.) Pirotta, Rev. Mycol. 11: 185. 1889
Cercospora vitis var. rupestris Ciferri, Ann. Mycol. 20: 45. 1922
Lindau (Rabenh. Krypt.-flora 9: 116. 1910) lists still others as: Graphium clavisporum Berk. & Cooke; Isariopsis clavispora Sacc.; Cercospora vitis Sacc.; Cladosporium vitis Sacc.; and others.
Leaf spots subcircular to irregular, 2-12 mm. in diameter, dull to reddish brown or almost black, mostly immarginate, rarely with yellow zone; fruiting amphigenous; fascicles usually dense and strikingly coremoid; conidiophores pale to medium dark fuligenous or olivaceous brown, in mass dark, fairly uniform in color and width, multiseptate, not branched, straight or upper third undulate to mildly multigeniculate, small spore scar at conic tip, 3-4 x 50-400 µm; conidia pale olivaceous to medium dark olivaceous brown, obclavate, rarely with thick walls, 3-7 septate, straight to slightly curved, base long obconic to obconically truncate, tip subobtuse, 4-7 x 20-80 µm.
HOSTS: Vitis aestivalis Michx. (V. palmata Vahl.), V. californica Benth., V. cordifolia Lam., V. labrusca L., V. labruscana Bailey, V. rotundifolia Michx., V. rupestris Scheele, V. vinifera L., Vitis sp. Pl. Dis. Reporter 28: 970. 1944 says C. viticola on V. rotundifolia.
TYPE: Italy; Vitis spp. No distinct type is suggested.
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