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Description:Thedgonia ligustrina (Boerema) B. Sutton, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 61: 428 (1973) Fig. 204
Syn.: º Cercospora ligustrina Boerema, Tijdskr. Plantenziekten 68: 117-118 (1962). º Cercoseptoria ligustrina (Boerema) v. Arx, Genera of Fungi Sporulating in Pure Culture, ed. 3: 306, Lehre 1981.
Lit.: Brandenburger (1985: 488).
Ill.: Sutton (l.c.: 427, Fig. 5), Carmichael et al. (1980: 271, Pl. 67 D), Brandenburger (1985: 1113, Fig. 292).
Leaf spots subcircular to somewhat angular-irregular, 1-5 mm diam., pale brown, with narrow dark margin. Caespituli amphigenous, mostly hypophyllous, greyish white, sometimes pale greyish brown, punctiform. Mycelium internal, hyphae subhyaline, septate, branched, forming substomatal stromata, often somewhat erumpent, colourless or very pale, composed of somewhat swollen hyphal cells, 2-6 ?m diam. Conidiophores in small to fairly rich, dense fascicles, arising from stromata, through stomata, large fascicles soon widening or rupturing the stomata, conidiophores simple, rarely branched, subcylindric, straight to slightly geniculate-sinuous, 20-80 x 3-7 ?m, continuous to septate, smooth, hyaline to pale yellowish green, conidiogenous cells uni- to multilocal, sympodial, conidial scars unthickened, colourless. Conidia in disarticulating chains, rarely in branched chains, subcylindric (-obclavate), 25-90 x 3-6 ?m, 1-5-septate, hyaline or almost so, very pale chlorine, apex rounded to truncate, base truncate, hila flat, unthickened, colourless.
Holotypus: on Ligustrum ovalifolium Hassk., the Netherlands, Eefde, 23-3-1959, Boerema (L).
Host range and distribution: on Ligustrum (Oleaceae), Europe - Ligustrum ovalifolium Hassk. (NL), L. vulgare L. (A, D, F, GB, NL, RO).
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