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Description:Aspergillus candidus Link
Colony characteristics. Colonies (CzA) growing slowly, white to pale yellow.
Microscopy. Conidial heads radiate, white. Conidiophore stipes 200-500 ?m in length, smooth-walled to finely roughened, hyaline. Vesicles spherical to subspherical, 10-40 ?m diam. Conidiogenous cells biseriate in larger heads, occasionally uniseriate in smaller heads. Metulae covering the entire surface of the vesicle. Conidia spherical to subspherical, 2.5-4.0 ?m diam, smooth-walled, hyaline. Sclerotia when present, reddish-purple to black.
Pathogenicity. BSL-1. This species was involved in a wide range of human infections: invasive aspergillosis (Rippon, 1988), otomycosis (Yasin et al., 1978; Falser, 1983), onychomycosis (Schönborn & Schmoranzer, 1970; Zaror & Moreno, 1980). It has also been isolated from birds, either healthy or with lesions (Saëz, 1970; Sharma et al., 1971).
Nomenclature. Aspergillus candidus Link - Mag. Ges. Naturf. Freunde 3: 16, 1809.
References. Raper & Fennell (1965), Klich & Pitt (1988), Kozakiewicz (1989).
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