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Description:Aspergillus reptans Samson & W. Gams
Colony characteristics. Colonies (CzA) with restricted growth, dull-green.
Microscopy. Conidial heads radiate to loosely columnar. Conidiophore stipes smooth-walled, hyaline, 500-1000 ?m in length. Vesicles hemispherical. Conidiogenous cells uniseriate. Conidia spherical to subspherical or ovoidal, spinulose, 5-6.5.0 (-8.0) ?m long.
Teleomorph. Eurotium repens de Bary (Ascomycota, Euascomycetes, Eurotiales: Trichocomaceae).
Ascomata abundant, spherical to subspherical, non-ostiolate, 75-100 ?m diam, yellow, borne in loose networks of yellow to orange-red hyphae. Asci 8-spored, 10-12 ?m diam. Ascospores pale, lenticular, 4.8-5.0 x 3.8-4.4 ?m, smooth-walled, with a sistinct equatorial furrow.
Pathogenicity. BSL-1. This species was associated, together with Microascus cinereus (p. 277), in a case of sinusitis maxillaris, but its pathogenicity was not proven (Aznar et al., 1989).
References. Raper & Fennell (1965), Kozakiewicz (1989, 1995).
Nomenclature. Aspergillus glaucus Link var. repens Corda - Ic. Fung. 5: 53, 1839 ? Aspergillus reptans Samson & W. Gams, in Samson & Pitt - Adv. Pen. Asp. Syst. p. 48, 1985 (name change).
Eurotium repens de Bary - Abh. Senckenberg. Naturf. Ges. 7: 53, 1839 ? Aspergillus repens (de Bary) Fischer, in Engler & Prantl - Natürl. Pflfam. 1: 302, 1897.
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