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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Clavaria fragillima Saccardo & Sydow. 1902. Sylloge Fungorum 16: 206.
Clavaria echinospora P. Hennings. 1900. Monsunia 1: 43, 141 [non C. echinospora Berkeley & Broome. 1875].
The type specimen of Hennings' taxon was apparently destroyed. His name, illegitimate as a later homonym, was supplanted by Saccardo & Sydow. Van Overeem used Clavariella fragillima in a sense rather different from Hennings, and Corner used the name in the sense of van Overeem. Thus the true sense has been obscured, and cannot be buttressed with an adequate type specimen.
Ramaria cokeri Pet. is used here to accomodate the van Overeem - Corner sense of C. fragillima.
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