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Description:Stenella araguata Sydow
Colony characteristics. Colonies (PDA) growing slowly, velvety, mouse grey to olive-green; reverse grey to black.
Microscopy. Conidiophores erect, straight to flexuose, simple or branched, pale brown to olivaceous, up to 65 µm long, 2-4 µm wide. Conidiogenous cells integrated, sympodial, often geniculate, with small, dark brown scars. Conidia solitary or in branched, acropetal chains, cylindrical to obclavate, verruculose, 0-4-septate, mostly 1-septate, pale to olivaceous-brown, 7-21 x 2.2-4.8 µm.
Pathogenicity. BSL-1. Several cases of a tinea nigra-like cutaneous infections were reported from Venezuela (di Prisco & Borelli, 1973; Marcano & Hutton, 1973; Borelli & Marcano, 1973; Reyes & Borelli, 1974).
References. Ellis (1971), McGinnis & Padhye (1978).
Nomenclature. Stenella araguata Sydow - Annls Mycol. 28: 205, 1930.
Cladosporium castellanii Borelli & Marcano - Castellania 1: 151, 1973.
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