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 Add this item to the list   Taeniolella stilbospora (Corda) S.J. Hughes
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Description:Taeniolella stilbospora (Corda) S.J. Hughes
Colony characteristics. Colonies (OA) restricted, dark olivaceous, velvety.
Microscopy. Conidiophores caespitose or scattered, 3-5 ?m wide. Conidia straight or flexuose, cylindrical, rounded at the apex, often truncate at the base, brownish, smooth-walled, 3-24-septate, 25-140 x 7-11 ?m.
Pathogenicity. BSL-1. Cutaneous lesions in the face of a human patient (Stewart et al.,1975; Pietrini & Stewart, 1977). A subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis after thorn prick was caused by T. exilis (Alonso et al., 1993). The latter species has conidia 12-15 ?m in width.
Reference. Ellis (1971).
Nomenclature. Torula stilbospora Corda, in Sturm - Deutsch. Fl. 3, Pilze 2-8: 99, 1829 ? Taeniolella stilbospora (Corda) S.J. Hughes - Can. J. Bot. 36: 817, 1958.
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