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 Add this item to the list   Poria Adans.
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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Poria, Adans.
Fam. Plant. 2:10, 1763.
Type species: Micheli 1729 pl. 61 fig. 2.
The type species is shown on Fig. 1.
In my opinion there is no sense to make a guess as to what species is shown on the plate. As Poria has been used over almost 200 years for resupinate polypores, it would amount to almost madness now to try to use the name for a stipitate polypore which identity is more than dubious. Thus, Poria Adans. is strongly proposed to be rejected as a nomen ambiguum, and let the name die in silence.
While Ginns (1984) only tried to reintroduce Poria sensu Persoon, Teixeria (1983) also muddled with Perenniporia Murr. and still treats Poria as it was validated by S. F. Gray 1821 and concludes then that Poria and Perenniporia Murr. have the same type species. Instead of rejecting Perenniporia like Ginns did, as a synonym of Poria, Teixeira propose to change the type species of Perenniporia! One could easily imagine the chaos that would arise if one was allowed to change the type species whenever a genus was found to be a synonym of another. The whole procedure is against the IBCN and rests besides on a completely wrong assumption as to the author of Poria.
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