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Description type:Original description 
Description:Meliniomyces variabilis Hambleton & Sigler, sp. nov. MycoBank MB500245 Figs 4A-H, 5-11.
Etymology: variabilis (L) referring to variability in culture pigmentation.
Typus: Canada: Alberta, Jasper National Park, Outpost Lake, ex radicis Rhododendron albiflorum Hook., S. Hambleton (S-70Ac), 1994. Colonia exsiccata et cultura viva, UAMH 8861.
Colonies slow-growing at RT and producing thin aerial mycelium on all media. Colonies 4-5.5 cm diam on PDA and 4.5-6 (7) cm diam on CER, after 35 d; mostly creamy-white to yellowish white, sometimes becoming pale to dark grey centrally or near the periphery, sometimes zonate; flat to slightly raised centrally and then radially furrowed, glabrous, hairy or, especially in the centre, fasciculate; fascicles sometimes oriented in a spiral pattern. On CMA, colonies very restricted, creamy white to greyish; hyphae completely submerged. Hyphae in slide culture preparations on CER septate, hyaline, smooth, 1.5-2.5 µm wide, often forming loops and aggregating into strands. Hyphae in CER slide culture, or on CMA, short, swollen and often lobed. Conidia and chlamydospores lacking, even after prolonged incubation at RT or 4 ºC. Teleomorph unknown.
Distribution: Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario), Norway, Ireland.
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