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Description type:Original description 
Description:Meliniomyces bicolor Hambleton & Sigler, sp. nov. MycoBank MB500246 Figs 4I-J, 12, 13.
Etymology: bicolor (L) for mycobionts from the ectomycorrhizal morphotype "Piceirhiza bicolorata".
Typus: UK: North Yorkshire, ex radicis Nothofagus procera, A. Taylor (AT67), 1998. Colonia exsiccata et cultura viva, UAMH 10107.
Colonies on PDA and CER at 22 ºC, slow growing (2.2-2.8 cm diam after 35 d); on PDA dark grey, felty to velvety, elevated with radial folds, margin entire or irregular; yellow diffusible pigment present in UAMH 10108. On CER, thin, flat, yellowish-white with streaks of grey. Hyphae in slide culture preparations on CER, septate, uniform in diameter with occasional swellings, 1.5-3 µm wide, smooth to slightly asperulate, subhyaline to brown, often aggregating into strands, forming occasional loops.
Distribution: Norway, Canada (British Columbia).
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