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Remarks (internal):Affinity to Rhizoscyphus and Leotiomycetes; genus recognised partially through ITS. 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Meliniomyces Hambleton & Sigler, anam. gen. nov. MycoBank MB500244
Etymology: Melinio- (G) for Elias Melin, who initiated studies of the diversity of sterile root endophytes of conifers with a description of Mycelium radicis atrovirens (Melin 1922); -myces (G) for fungus..
Species typica: Meliniomyces variabilis Hambleton & Sigler
Colonies on all media white to grey, slow growing, smooth, velvety or fasciculate; hyphae septate, hyaline, smooth to finely asperulate, uniform to irregularly swollen, sometimes forming swollen terminal cells, often forming loops and aggregating into strands, 1.5-5 µm diam. Conidia and chlamydospores lacking. Teleomorph unknown.
Taxon name: