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Remarks (internal):WB 4908, received from the authors, V. P. Chest Institute, Delhi, India as an isolate from diseased nails represents the type strain. 
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Description:Aspergillus nidulans (Eidam) Wint. var. dentatus Sandhu and Sandhu, in Mycologia 55: 297-299, Figs. 1-3 (1963).
Colonies growing rapidly on Czapek's agar, 8 cm. in 15 days at 25° C, dark green near cress green (R., Plate XXXI), slightly brownish in the center; reverse purplish, substratum sometimes pink. Conidial heads abundant, green, columnar, 80 to 190 µm long and 45 to 55 µm in diameter; conidiophores short, sinuous, smooth, in shades of cinnamon brown, nonseptate, 37 to 100 µm in length and 3.8 to 5 µm in diameter; vesicles hemispherical, 11 to 15 µm in diameter; sterigmata in two series borne on the upper two-thirds of the vesicle, primary sterigmata 6 to 7 µm by 2.5 to 3 µm, secondary sterigmata 6 to 6.8 µm by 1.7 to 2.5 conidia globose, rugulose, green in mass, 2.7 to 3.5 µm in diameter. Cleistothecia abundant, aggregated at colony centers and scattered throughout the colony upon and within the conidial layer, pale yellowish, globose, measuring 220 to 380 µm in diameter, including the surrounding hyphae and hülle cells; wall composed of a single layer of purplish cells; asci globose to subglobose, eight-spored, 6.8 to 8.5 µm in diameter; ascospores orange-red, lenticular, smooth walled with two equatorial crests which are dentate (Fig. 107C), spore body 3.5 µm by 2.5 to 2.8 µm hülle cells characteristic of the A. nidulans group, up to 20 µm in diameter and having walls up to 3.4 µm thick.
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