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Remarks (internal):Mycoacia aurea is characterized by lacking cystidia and by producing suballantoid basidiospores measuring 4-5x 1.5-2 µm. 
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Description:Mycoacia aurea (Fries) John Eriksson & Ryvarden, Cort. N. Europe 4: 877. 1976.
(Fig. 52)
? Hydnum aureum Fr., Elenchus 1: 137, 1828.
Distribution: Africa, Asia [Iran (Hallenberg, 1981), Nepal (Hjortstam and Ryvarden, 1984). New to Japan.
Basidiomata resupinate, adnate, effused, ceraceous; hymenial surface "Buff", "Pale Luteous" to "Ochreous", hydnoid, sometimes cracked when dry; aculei 10-15 per mm², conical to cylindrical, up to 2 mm in length; margin white to "Buff", thinning out, sometimes fibrillose under the lens (x 20). In section subhyaline, membranous to ceraceous. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae 1.5-4 µm in diam, smooth, thin- to slightly thick-walled (up to 0.5 µm), nodose-septate; cystidia or other sterile hymenial elements lacking; basidia narrowly clavate, 11-18 x 4-4.5 µm, with a basal clamp, producing 4 sterigmata; basidiospores suballantoid, 4-5 x 1.5-2 um. smooth, thin-walled, non-amyloid.
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