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Remarks (internal):Trechispora microspora is characterized by producing the ovoid to ellipsoid basidiospores which bear irregularly scattered obtuse warts and are straight to slightly concave at the adaxial side. However, basidiospores of T. microspora described and illustrated by Hjortstam et al. (1988) are subglobose to lacrymoid and verrucose except the apicular region, and are distinctly different from those described on the basis of the leptotype by Liberta (1973). Among the Japanese specimens examined in this study, only the specimen (TMI-12706) collected in Shizuoka prefecture agreed with T microspora sensu Hjortstam et al. Ginns (1993) noted that T. microspora sensu Hjortstam et al. might be a different fungus. 
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Description:Trechispora microspora (Karsten) Liberta, Taxon 15: 319, 1966. (Fig. 83)
? Grandinia microspora Karst., Bidrag Kännedom Finlands Natur Folk 48: 365, 1889. Distribution: Europe and North America. New to Japan.
Basidiomata resupinate, loosely adnate, effused, thin, fragile; hymenial surface white to pale yellowish white, smooth, reticulate, hypochnoid or farinose under the lens (x 20): margin concolorous with the hymenial surface, thinning out, indeterminate, rarely producing hyphal strands, sometimes fibrillose under the lens (x 20). In section subhyaline, submembranous, sometimes with hyphal strands in the subiculum. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae subhyaline, 1.5-4 µm in diam. smooth, nodose-septate, thin-walled, often ampullate at the septa, sometimes encrusted with irregularly crystalloid materials; cystidia lacking; basidia clavate to cylindrical, slightly constricted, 8-11.5 x 4-5 µm, with a basal clamp, producing 4 sterigmata: basidiospores oblong to ellipsoid with a straight to slightly concave adaxial side, with irregularly scattered obtuse warts, 3.5-4.5 x 2-3 µm (including the warts), non-amyloid.
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