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Remarks (internal):Phlebiella allantospora belongs to the subgenus Amyloxenasma that pro­duces amyloid basidiospores. Microscopically, this species is very similar to P. grisella (Bourd.) Larss. & Hjortst. but the latter is distinguishable from P. allantospora by the short-allantoid to almost reniform basidiospores. (4-)5-6x2.5-3 µm (Hjortstam et al., 1988). 
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Description:Phlebiella allantospora (Oberwinkler) Larsson & Hjortstam. Mycotaxon 29: 318, 1987. (Fig. 87)
? Xenasmatella allantospora Oberw., Sydowia. Ann. Mycol. Ser. II 19: 37, 1965.
Distribution: Asia [Iran (Hallenberg. 1981)] and Europe. New to Japan.
Basidiomata resupinate, closely adnate. effused. ceraceous: hymenial surface grayish white. smooth: margin concolorous with the hymenial surface. thinning out. indeterminate. In section subhyaline. ceraceous. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae 1-2.5 µm in diam, smooth. thin-walled. nodose-septate: basidia pleural, cylindrical, 6.5-11 x 3.5-5 µm, with a basal clamp, producing 4 sterigmata: basidiospores allantoid, 4.5-5.5 x (1.75-)2 µm, smooth. thin-walled. amyloid.
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