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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Fructifications appearing as scattered, rounded patches with marked thickenings at the initial points, generally not confluent and hence giving the species a characteristic appearance; hymenium light red, with an obvious white pruina; rarily con-fluent to larger fructifications covering the substrate; consistency firm, after drying hard.
Hyphal texture dense, consisting of hyaline, clamp-bearing hyphae, 3-5 µm. wide; gloeocystidia numerous, enclosed in the trama, some of them reaching the hymenium, but never projecting, rounded, bladder-like, tapering to a stalk-like base, filled with droplets, broadest part 15-25 µm wide, total length up to 100 µm basidia 30-35 x 5-6 µm, narrowly clavate, with 4 sterigmata; dendrophyses numerous, dendritically ramified, hyaline, refractive, forming a dense felt on the surface of the fructifications; spores -cylindrical, somewhat curved, 9-12 x 3-4 µm, hyaline but the spore print light red.
Type specimen in herb. Upsala.
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