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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Cultural characters: Growth rate rapid, covering 9 cm plate in 7 to 12 days. Mat after 1 week white, with hyphal strands present in most isolates; margin even or bayed due to rapidly growing hyphal fans. Between 2 and 6 weeks the mats become pallid to tan, generally with reddish or chestnut tints, cottony or felty to floccose. Reverse side after 2 weeks tan to chestnut, often mottled; odor slightly sweet. At 6 weeks a few hyphal balls (apothecial initials?) may be scattered over the mat. On tannic acid agar and on gallic acid agar after 1 week the oxidase reaction strong, forming a brown zone 15 to 75 mm diam.
Hyphae of the advancing zone hyaline, thin-walled, the contents of numerous guttules, simple-septate, often constricted at the septa, 3-8(-12) µm diam., gradually tapering to narrow apical cells which are about 350 µm long. The occasional branches arise toward the midpoint of the cell rather than at the septa, the narrower hyphae are rarely branched, the wider ones with 1 or 2 branches in every 3 cells. Aerial hyphae at 6 weeks flexuous, 2-5(-8) µm diam., occasionally branched and then at right angles, hyaline or yellowish, some with refractive contents. Adnate and submerged hyphae at 14 days similar to those of the advancing zone but (4-)10-15(-25) µm diam., with yellow granules on the exterior of some, strands usually present, and the wider hyphae of short, barrel-shaped cells. Strands are composed of about 10 hyphae which have their exterior surface roughened by a yellow-brown incrusting substance.
SPECIES CODE: 2.6.7.(26).32.37.41-42.50.55-56. (Nobles. Can. J. Bot. 43: 1097. 1965).
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