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Description:Tricholoma fulvum (Bull. ex Fr.) Sacc., Fl. Ital. Crypt. 1(14): 117.1915.
? Agaricus fulvus Bull. ex Fr., Syst. Myc. 1: 37.1821.
= A. flavobrunneus Fr. ex Pers., Myc. Eur. III: 177.1825; T. flavobrunneus (Fr. ex Pers.) Kummer, Führer Pilzk. p. 130. 1871.
= A. transmutans Peck, Rept N.Y. State Mus. 29: 38. 1878; T. transmutans (Peck) Sacc., Syll. Fung. 5: 91. 1887.
Pileus conic-turbinate to broadly convex or nearly plane, rarely umbonate, viscid when moist but often dry, appressed-squamulose and dark wine red to reddish brown in the centre 2/3, nearly glabrous and grading out to pinkish tan toward the margin, often ribbed at the margin, 27-175 mm diam. Stipe pale yellowish at first and remaining so at apex, staining red-brown below, finely reddish-brown fibrillose, dry, tapering down, often with a root-like extension, hollow or solid, 55-140 x 6-40 mm. Lamellae pale yellow at first, soon staining a deep wine colour and finally nearly black, sinuate to decurrent, close. Flesh white to pale yellowish in the pileus, yellow in the stipe, strongly farinaceous in odour and taste.
Pileus cuticle gelatinous; composed of loosely tangled, radially encrusted hyphae 2-10 µm diam. Lamellar trama parallel. Cystidia lacking. Clamp connections absent. Basidiospores elliptical to obovate in face view, unilaterally flattened-elliptical in side view, smooth, neither amyloid nor dextrinoid, uniguttulate, white, 5.2-8.2 x 3.5-5.5 µm.
Substrata: Under both conifers and hardwoods, often associated with birch.
Distribution: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario (also Manitoba, fide Bisby, Buller & Dearness, Fungi of Manitoba, 1929).

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