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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Cultural characters: Key Code: (isolate TENN 39892): 2. 3. (11). 26. 32. 36. 38. 47. 53. 56.
Colony on malt agar white, averaging 15 mm diam in six weeks; gum guaiacum test positive; odor strong, sweet medicinal, perhaps of cooking fruit. Advancing margin off white, definite in outline; outer one cm inwardly increasingly cottony, with randomly arranged, ascendent (but not erect.) hyphae up to 2 mm long inward; central 5-6 mm more or less abruptly cottony, covering inoculum block with aerial hyphae up to 5 mm long.
Hyphae of advancing margin generative, up to 3 µm diam, thin-walled, with granular contents, consistently and conspicuously clamped, branched monopodially from or near clamps;
secondary hyphae often narrow (circum 1.5 µm diam), frequently branched, the branches short and peg-like (up to 30 µm long), rarely rebranched. Hyphae 5 mm from advancing margin as above, but frequency of hyphae with short, peg-like branches greatly increased, and branching pattern much more complicated (but not forming a plectenchymatous mat); gloeoplerous lengths of hyphae occuring in two forms: 1) otherwise normal, uninflated, clamped hyphae with gloeoplerous contents, and 2) frequently branched hyphae (as above), inflated up to 12 µm diam, clamped, with yellowish, gloeoplerous contents. Surface hyphae near or on inoculum block as above, but frequency of inflated, gloeoplerous hyphae greatly increased, and these hyphae becoming interlocked in an irregular plectenchymatous "skin" covering inoculum block.
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