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 Add this item to the list  AURISCALPIACEAE Maas G.
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Basidiome effused or effused-reflexed or made up of a pileus with or without a stipe, tomentose to hispid, glabrescent with age or glabrous from the first. Hymenophore aculeate or lamellate, in the latter case the gills lacerate-dentate. Context tough to fairly soft, white to brownish, toward the upper surface of the pileus sometimes bounded by a black-brown line, amyloid or inamyloid, or entirely consisting of a dark brown tomentum, made up of generative and skeletal hyphae or the latter infrequent to absent. Basidia clavate, with basal clamp-connection, 4-spored. Spores subglobose to ellipsoid, minutely spinulose, verrucose or smooth, colourless, white in mass, amyloid. Gloeocystidia present.
On fallen pine-cones, wood, gramineous root-stocks, among moss.
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