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Remarks (internal):A. luzulae produces ergosterol in the presence of methionine (6045) as well as ergosterol peroxide and cerevisterol (930). The diterpenes virescenol A, B and C give rise to isovirescenol B (1181), the glucosidic virescenosides A, B and C (836) and the acidic virescenosides F and G (929); a further terpenoid metabolite is ascochlorin (835).
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Description:Acremonium luzulae (Fuckel) W. Gams 1971 Fig. 10.
= Torula luzulae Fuckel 1870
= Gliomastix luzulae (Fuckel) E.W. Mason ex S. Hughes 1958
= Fusidium viride Grove 1885
= Oospora virescens sensu Sacc. 1881 [non (Link) Wallr. 1833]
Descriptions: Dickinson (1374), and Gams (1882).
Sect. Gliomastix, A. luzulae series.
Colonies reaching 8-10 mm diam in ten days on MEA, dark olivaceous, powdery; phialides coarsely warted over the whole surface; conidia fusiform with truncate ends, darkest in the middle part, 5.2-8.2 x 1.9-2.8 µm.
A. luzulae has a counterpart with hyaline conidia in A. longisporum (Preuss) W. Gams 1971.
The distributional data include a wide range of geographical regions and habitats from salt-marshes in the British Isles (413) to paddy fields in India (1519). It has further been reported from Libya (4084), the USA (1166, 2822), New Zealand, Borneo, Germany, Belgium, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Togo (1374, 2603) and central Africa (3063). A. luzulae has been found in the rhizospheres of Artemisia herba-alba (4084) and some plants growing in sand dunes (4371). It also occurred commonly on dried decaying and green leaves of cotton (5231) and bananas (3063) and has been isolated from wheat leaves (4548), stems of Asparagus, Petasites, corn, potato, pineapple, banana, Luzula sylvatica, Urtica dioica, Heracleum sphondylium, Gunnera scabra, Oenanthe crocata, Borassus aethiopum and Rhopalostylis sapida (IMI), hair baits (1422) and various decaying woods (1374, 1882). Forest burning had no influence on the number of propagules of A. luzulae in soil (2822).
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