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Description:GOMPHACEAE Donk
Basidiome effused, pileate and stipitate, or coralloidly branched, the pileate species with flabelliform, turbinate to infundibuliform pileus. Hymenophore smooth, aculeate, or folded. Context thin and loose to usually more or less fleshy and brittle to toughish, rarely gelatinous, white to pallid, monomitic or rarely rather imperfectly dimitic with skeletals. Generative hyphae thin- to rather thick-walled, inflating or not, or with onion-like swellings in the mycelium, branched, septate, with clamp-connections. Skeletals imperfectly developed. Hymenium thickening. Basidia clavate, 2-4-spored, with or without basal clamp, chiastic (as far as known). Spores variously formed (subglobose, ellipsoid, amygdaliform, subcylindrical, subsigmoid), ornamented with ridges or warted, spinulose, granular to rough, rarely smooth, cyanophilous (absorbing cotton blue), not amyloid. Cystidia rare.
Lignicolous or terrestrial (description adapted from DONK, 1964:267).

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