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 Add this item to the list  Terenodon Maas G. gen. nov.
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Description:Terenodon Maas G., gen. nov.
Etymology: Teren - terenos, tender, soft; odon, tooth; the name referring to the soft flesh of this Hydnum.
Basidiome humicolous, pileate and stipitate. Pileus orbicular, tomentose, without concentrical zones, light coloured. Stipe central, bulbous below, tomentose, concolorous with the pileus. Hymenium covering spines on the underside of the pilaus. Spines decurrent, subulate, subpubescent towards the apex. Context soft, not zoned in the pilaus, obscurely zoned in the stipe, pale coloured, stained olive green in ferric sulphate solution, monomitic, made up of generative and tendril hyphae. Generative hyphae not inflating, thin-walled, clamped but clamp-connections not found at the margin and not occurring at all septa. Context of the spines consisting of clampless generative hyphae only. Basidia clavate, without basal clamp, 4-spored. Spores broadly ellipsoid to subglobose, spinous, colourless (or
possibly subochraceous in mass?), not amyloid, clearly cyanophilous. Cystidia and gloeocystidia lacking. - TYPE SPECIES: T. serenus.
The above characters readily mark the present genus as a member of the Gomphaceae, but it should be pointed out that its inclusion in the family introduces one new element: the subglobose form of the spores.
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