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Description:HYDNUM L. ex Fr.
Basidiome pileate and stipitate. Pileus covered with tomentum which, when collapsed, may form a matted or glabrous surface, but is not known to develop scales; whitish to yellow or orange in various shades. Stipe finely tomentose, glabrescent, paler than the pileus or concolorous. Hymenium covering spines on the underside of the pileus. Spines whitish to paler or darker salmon. Context of the pileus fleshy, homogeneous, not zoned, monomitic, made up of generative hyphae. Hyphae inflating, thin-walled, branched, septate, with clamp-connections. Basidia cylindrical-clavate, (3-)4-5(-6)-spored, with basal clamp-connection. Spores subglobose to obovoid, smooth, colourless.
Terrestrial, occasionally also on decayed wood.
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