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Description:HYDNELLUM P. Karst.
Hydnellum P. Karst. in Meddn Soc. Fauna Fl. fenn. 5 : 41. 1879. - TYPE SPECIES Hydnum suaveolum Scop. ex Fr. (see DONK, 1956a: 96).
Basidiome pileate and stipitate. Pileus initially velutinous, becoming felted, matted, scrobiculate, squamulose, or lamellate, ranging from white, yellow, orange to brown in various shades, more rarely with bluish colours. Stipe covered with more or less thick tomentum, usually binding vegetable debris, concolorous with the pileus or darker or differently coloured. Hymenium covering spines on the underside of the pileus. Spines brown to chocolate brown with maturity. Context fibrous, soft to corky or woody, more or less duplex, zoned, monomitic, made up of generative hyphae. Generative hyphae as a rule not inflating, thin- to moderately thick-walled, branched, septate, with or without clamp-connections. Basidia clavate, 4-spored, with or without basal clamp. Spores broadly ellipsoid or almost isodiametric, of irregular outline, tubercular, brown in the mass, with oblique apiculus. Cystidia none. Odour not of fenugreek when dried. Terrestrial.
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