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Remarks (internal):The occurrence of the material under Nothofagus is well in accordance with the ecology of the fungus in the Netherlands where it is associated with Quercus, also a member of the Fagaceae.
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:SARCODON JOEIDES (Pass.) Bat.-Figs. 162, 163, Pl. VI, fig. 2
Pileus 25-100 mm across, plano-convex when young, finally deeply concave, velutinous at first, then breaking into scales, pinkish brown then lavender brown to red-brown. Stipe 20-40 x 8-10 mm, simple or connate, equal with somewhat pointed base, velutinous then fibrillose or glabrescent, concolorous with the pileus, the base white-cottony. Spines up to 3 mm long, decurrent, crowded, subulate, pale pink buff, finally chocolate brown. Context of the pileus stated to be dull purplish pink, this colour completely lost in the dried material.
Context of the pileus monomitic. Generative hyphae 3.5-27 µm wide, inflating, thin- to thick-walled (cell-walls up to 2 µm thick), branched, septate, without clamp-connections. Context of the spines similar, hyphae narrower. Spores 6.3-7.2 x 4-4.7 µm, of irregular outline, tubercular (tubercles numerous, prominent, exsculpate), brownish.
Part of the above description is drawn up from the notes and watercolour by Mrs. G. Stevenson Cone.
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