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Description:Aspergillus candidus Link
Colonies on Czapek agar at 25°C attaining a diameter of 1.0-1.5 cm within 7 days, usually thin with some aerial mycelium, intermixed with conidiophores arising from the agar or from the aerial mycelium. Conidial heads white, later cream, in fresh isolates, often wet. Conidiophore stipe hyaline to slightly yellowish, smooth-walled. Small reduced conidial heads often present. Vesicles globose to subglobose, 10-50 µm diam. Phialides sometimes borne directly on the vesicle, but mostly on metulae, 5-8 x 2.5-3.5 µm. Metulae 5-8 x 2-3 µm. Conidia globose to subglobose, 2.5-4.0 µm in diam, hyaline, thin- and smooth-walled. Sclerotia sometimes present, reddish purple to black.
Colonies on MEA growing faster and sporulating more densely. Poor growth on CREA.
Important (toxic) metabolites: terphenyllin, xantho-ascin.
Habitat: food
This species is often found as a storage fungus e.g. on cereals. Fresh isolates often have wet heads, which is unusual in Aspergillus. However, with subculturing this character will disappear
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