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Description type:Culture description 
Description:ALEUROBOTRYS BOTRYOSUS (Burt) Boidin, Lanquetin & Gilles
Mats white, moderately thick, around inocula appressed and felty, then becoming raised, cottony-woolly toward margins at 2 wk, by 6 wk white, moderately thick to thick, slightly raised, felty to tomentose; margins even, raised; odor absent or sweet, pungent at 2 wk, pungent at 6 wk; no agar discoloration at 2 wk, partially bleached by 6 wk; not fruiting by 6 wk.
MEA 31-33; 56-67; GAA ++++, tr-15; tr-18; TAA ++++, 12-23; 17-43; TyA -, 14-22; 15-36
Microscopic characters: Marginal hyphae 2-5 µm diam, thin walled, simple septate; sparsely branched, often branches arising below a septum. Submerged hyphae 2-5 µm diam, thin walled, simple septate, frequently ~)ranched, often with branches diverging at right angles, containing abundant oil-like refractive guttulae; developing abundant swellings, these 6-12(- 20) µm diam, intercalary, often with short appendages or branches at 2 and 6 wk. Aerial hyphae (a) similar to submerged hyphae except some covered with a thin layer of yellow crystalline materials; (b) narrower, 1-2 µm diam, thin walled, simple septate, sparsely to moderately branched. Gloeocystidia or gloeoplerous hyphae 1.5-7 (-11) µm diam, thin- walled, simple septate, moderately branched or lobed, containing refractive oil-like droplets, numerous in aerial and submerged mats at 6 wk.
Sexuality: Presumed homothallic (Boidin & al. 1968, p. 65).
Cultural descriptions: Boidin & al. (1968, p. 65); Stalpers 1978, p. 188).
Species codes: 2. 6. 15. 26. 32. 36. 40. 45-46. (50). (53).54.55. (57). 2a. 3r. 7. 32. 36. 38. 44. (54- 55).57. 66. (Boidin & al. 1968, p. 66).
Remarks: --Aleurobotrys botryosus, also known as Aleurodiscus botryosus Burt, is found on Thuja and various angiospermous slash from Ontario, Quebec, and New England, south to Florida, and west to Lousiana (Lemke 1964b). Gilbertson & Blackwell (1985) report that A. botryosus occurs on bark of living branches of Juniperus virginiana L. in Louisiana. Boidin & al. (1968) reported clamps on the marginal and aerial hyphae. No clamps, however, were observed in the isolate studied.
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