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Description:Dichostereum effuscatum (Cooke & Ellis) Boidin & Lanq.
Basidiome effuse, membranaceous to crustaceous, up to 0.5 mm thick, with thin subicular layer.
Hymenial surface cream-coloured to pale yellow or ochraceous.
Generative hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, 1.5-3(-3.5) ?m wide, with clamps at all primary septa.
Basal dichohyphidia brown, thick-walled, 30-60 ?m across, branches 1-3 ?m wide.
Dichohyphidia abundant in the basal layer, 30-60 ?m across, rare in subhymenium, with straight ultimate branches.
Gloeocystidia sinuous-cylindrical, somewhat irregular, obtuse, rarely acuminate, 40-110 ´ 7-13 ?m, SA+.
Basidia hyaline, thin-walled, cylindrical to slightly utriform, 25-50 ´ 5-6.5 ?m.
Basidiospores hyaline to yellowish, thick-walled, globose to subglobose, with ridges, (5-)6-8 x 5-7 ?m.
On wood of angiosperms.
Distribution: temperate northern hemisphere
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