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Description type:Culture description 
Description:PUNCTULARIA STRIGOSOZONATA (Schwein.) P. H. B. Talbot.
Mats white, rarely Light Vinaceous-Fawn, around inocula thin, appressed, subfelty, then becoming slightly raised to raised, farinaceous, downy to woolly toward margins at 1 wk, by 2 wk white to Light Vinaceous-Fawn, moderately thick, appressed, coarse downy-woolly and farinaceous throughout or limited around inoculum, then becoming raised, loose cottony-woolly toward margins, often developing dense, felty, smooth to tuberculate areas, isolate FP 100614 raised, cottony-woolly throughout with a few sodden areas, by 6 wk white to Light Brownish Vinaceous or Chocolate, appressed, felty, developing numerous, small, hyphal aggregations that give a tuberculate or warty texture to mats, but isolate FP 100614 raised, dense, felty-woolly throughout; margins even, slightly raised to raised; odor absent or sweet at 2 wk, faint at 6 wk; no agar discoloration at 2 and 6 wk; not fruiting by 6 wk. ; TAA mats at 2 wk around inocula Cream Color, appressed, subfelty to downy, then becoming white, raised, cottony-woolly, feathery toward margins.
MEA 49-75; 90+; GAA ++++, 0-tr ; TAA ++++, 11-25; 20-42; TyA yellow, 22-39; 42-90
Microscopic characters: Marginal hyphae 3-5 µm diam, thin walled, nodose septate, sparsely branched, branches of ten arising opposite clamps. Submerged hyphae 1.5-6 µm diam, thin walled, wider hyphae slightly thick walled, nodose septate, moderately to frequently branched, some segments heavily encrusted with small, closely adherent crystals. Aerial hyphae 1.5-6 µm diam, thin to thick walled, nodose septate, moderately branched, segments encrusted with hyaline crystals or resinous, globular materials that disappear in 2% KOH, sometimes forming strands up to 10 µm diam. Arthroconidia short to long cylindrical with rounded ends, (2-)5-13 x 2-2.5 µm, thin walled, numerous in aerial mats at 2 and 6 wk.
Sexuality: Bipolar (Biggs 1938, p. 65).
Cultural description: Stalpers (1978, p. 130).
Species code: 2. 3c. 21. 27. 35. 36. (37). 38. 43. (50).54. (55).59.
Remarks: Punctularia strigosozonata is associated with a white rot (Lindsey & Gilbertson 1978; Ginns 1986a) of angiospermous logs and slash. It is typically found on Populus but occasionally occurs on gymnosperms and is widely distributed in North America (Cooke 1956; Conners 1967; Martin & Gilbertson 1980; Ginns 1986a). Because of the pinkish-colored mats, numerous arthroconidia, and strong reactions on; GAA and; TAA, P. strigosozonata is easily identified in culture. Punctularia strigosozonata develops hyaline, thin walled, cylindrical arthroconidia in culture, whereas the closely related species P. tuberculosa develops brown, slightly thick walled, globose to ellipsoid conidia.
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