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Description:RADULOMYCES CONFLUENS (Fr.: Fr.) M. Chr.
Mats white, some isolates around inocula thick, raised, woolly to felty, then becoming thin, slightly raised, downy toward margins, other isolates around inocula thin, appressed, and subfelty, then becoming thick, raised, and woolly toward margins at 2 wk, by 6 wk white to Pale Ochraceous-Buff, thick, slightly raised to raised, felty to woolly but of ten interspersed with thin, sodden, subfelty areas; margins even to slightly uneven, appressed; odor none at 2 wk, absent or musty and pungent at 6 wk; no agar discolorations at 2 and 6 wk; not fruiting by 6 wk.
MEA (18-)33-45(-59); 75-90+; TAA =, + or ++++, 0-tr; 0-tr(-20); GAA -, + or ++++, 0; 0-tr; TyA - or brown, tr-33; - or ++, (tr-)23-67
Microscopic characters: Marginal hyphae 2-4 µm diam, thin walled, nodose septate, sparsely branched, usually branches arising opposite or from clamps. Submerged hyphae 1.5-4.5 µm diam, thin walled, nodose septate, frequently branched, with branches often short, tapering and diverging at right angles, by 6 wk developing hyphal swellings, these up to 18 µm diam. Aerial hyphae 1-4.5 µm diam, thin walled to slightly thick walled, nodose septate, moderately branched, with some hyphae developing numerous, intercalary hyphal swellings up to 6 µm diam, and other segments moderately to heavily encrusted with hyaline crystals, by 6 wk of ten forming microscopic strands up to 8 µm diam.
Sexuality: Twenty-three monosporous cultures of FP 102008 were paired in all combinations. Four mating types were present: A1 B1 = 2,15,23; A2 B2 = 1,4,6,7,8,10,11,16,20,22; A1 B2 = 3,5,12, 13,14,17,19,21; A2 B1 = 9,18. Thus, Radulomyces confluens is tetrapolar. This agrees with Boidin and des Pomeys (1961, p. 242) results.
Cultural descriptions: Boidin (1958a, p. 73); Stalpers (1978, p. 137).
species code: (1). 2. 3c. 26. 32. 36. 38. 44-45. (51). (53).54. 60.
Remarks: Radulomyces confluens is associated with a white rot (Gilbertson & a1. 1974) of woody angiosperms, especially oak, in eastern Canada (Hallenberg 1984a; Ginns 1986a) and throughout the United States (Burt 1926; Gilbertson & a1. 1974; Lindsey 1986). The characteristic branched submerged hyphae are best observed in 2-wk-old cultures before they become obscured with age.
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