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Remarks (internal):Steccherinum fimbriatum is associated with a white rot (Lindsey & Gilbertson 1978; Ginns 1986a) of angiospermous and gymnospermous logs and slash and is widely distributed in Canada (Ginns 1986a) and the U. S. A. (Overholts 1938; Miller & Boyle 1943; Gilbertson & a1. 1974, 1975; Gilbertson & Lombard 1976; CFMR records). The pale pink mats and strands are distinctive for S. fimbriatum; unfortunately, these characters develop only in some isolates. In such cases, S. fimbriatum, like S. ciliolatum, is undistinguished in culture.
Description type:Culture description 
Description:STECCHERINUM FIMBRIATUM (Pers.:Fr.) John Eriks.
Mats white, around inocula and surrounding area thin to moderately thick, appressed, subfelty to felty or raised, woolly, then becoming thinner toward margins, a few isolates developing white to Tilleul-Buff strands that originate from inoculum plugs, these strands up to 25 mm long, unbranched to frequently branched, appressed or raised, in other isolates with numerous, tiny, white, dense, appressed, opaque flecks scattered over mats at 2 wk. by 6 wk white to pale Tilleul-Buff, thin, subfelty, with numerous, small, dense, leathery, felty areas, these areas sometimes coalescing to form larger patches which mat' cover the entire mat surface, occasionally mats flecked with tint', black spots, other isolates raised, thick, and cottony-woolly throughout, strands developed in a few isolates, these Cartridge-Buff, appressed to raised, up to 45 mm long, frequently branched; margins even to bayed, appressed, fimbriate; no odor at 2 and 6 wk; agar unchanged at 2 wk, unchanged or partially bleached by 6 wk; not fruiting by 6 wk.
MEA 26-44; (62-)70-90+ GAA ++++, 0; TAA + or ++++, 0-tr TyA - or yellow, 0-tr(-23); yellow to orange, (tr-)15-30(-50)
Microscopic characters: Marginal hyphae 2.5-4.5 lim diam, thin walled, nodose septate, sparsely branched, usually branches arising about 15 µm below septa or from clamps. Submerged hyphae 1.5-5.5(-7) µm diam, thin walled, nodose septate, moderately branched, by 6 wk some becoming slightly thick walled, irregular and strangulated. Surface and aerial (a) generative hyphae (1-)2-4.5(-7) µm diam, thin walled but wider hyphae slightly thick walled, nodose septate, moderately branched, often encrusted with a thin layer of crystalline materials; (b) fiber hyphae 2-3(-4) µm diam, thick walled but thinning toward apex, clamped at base, rarely branched, smooth or encrusted with a thin layer of crystalline materials, abundant at 2 and 6 wk. Strands 15-35 µm diam, composed of generative and fiber hyphae as described from surface and aerial mats, present in some isolates at 2 and 6 wk. Black flecks up to 300 µm diam, composed of clusters of large, coarse, yellowish brown crystals, occasionally developed in surface mats at 6 wk.
Sexuality: Tetrapolar (Boidin & Lanquetin 1984b, p. 206).
Cultural descriptions: Boidin (1958a, p. 241); Stalpers (1978, p. 96). Species code: 2. 3c. 8. (16). (31c). 32. 36. (37). 38. (40). 44-45.54.55. 60.
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