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Description:Endoconidioma Tsuneda, Hambleton & Currah, gen. nov.
Mitosporic dematiaceous fungus. Conidiomata, forming on a black subiculum, subglobose to flask-shaped, consisting of an entirely closed, darkly pigmented peridium and a locule filled with conidiogenous cells. Endoconidia formed endogenously, hyaline, unicellular, released by dissolution of the conidiogenous and the peridial cells of the conidioma. Blastic conidia, mostly two-celled, light to dark brown, produced holoblastically from pigmented, undifferentiated hyphae.
Teleomorph. - Unknown.
Type species. - Endoconidioma populi Tsuneda, Hambleton & Currah
Etymology. - Conidioma producing endoconidia.
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