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Description:STEREUM OCHRACEOFLAVUM (Schwein.) Ellis
Mats white to Antimony Yellow, moderately thin to thick, raised, cottony-woolly, developing appressed, dense, felty patches at 2 wk, by 6 wk white to Yellow Ocher or Raw Sienna, appressed and felty; margins even, appressed to slightly raised, fimbriate; odor absent at 2 wk, absent or slightly sour at 6 wk; agar unchanged or Light Orange-Yellow at 2 wk, mottled Warm Buff, orange Rufous and Sandford's Brown at 6 wk; not fruiting by 6 wk. ; GAA mats at 2 wk white to Antique Brown, moderately thick, slightly raised to raised, arachnoid to cottony; margins bayed, appressed to slightly raised. ; TAA mats at 2 wk white to Pale orange-Yellow, moderately thin to thick, slightly raised, felty to cottony; margins even.
MEA (44-)90+; 90+; GAA ++++, 24-31; 36-54 ; TAA ++++, 42-45; 80-90+; TyA - or +, 53-61; yellow, 90+
Microscopic characters: Marginal hyphae 5.5-8 µm diam, thin walled, simple septate with multiple clamps, sparsely branched, branches arising 15-20 µm below septa or hyphal tip losing apical dominance and developing 3 to 9 branches that diverge at right angles. Submerged hyphae (a) similar to marginal hyphae except walls thickening slightly by 6 wk; (b) 1-5(-7) µm diam, thin walled, simple septate with scattered single clamps on wider hyphae, moderately branched with attenuating lateral branches. Aerial hyphae (a) 2.5-7(-9) µm diam, slightly thick walled at first, some becoming thick walled with age, simple septate with scattered, single or multiple clamps, sparsely branched, walls either smooth, roughened, or encrusted with closely, appressed, globular, amorphous, yellowish brown materials, some hyphae also developing yellowish brown contents or walls; (b) fiber hyphae of two types: (i) 1.5-2 µm diam, thick walled but thinning at apex, aseptate, sparsely branched; (ii) 0.5-2 µm diam, slightly thick walled to thick walled, frequently branched, with branches often arising at right angles, forming a dense aggregation, sometimes present at 2 and 6 wk.
Species code: 2.5. 8. 21. 32. 36. 37. 39. 42-43. (53).54.
Remarks: Stereum ochraceoflavum is associated with a white rot (Gilbertson & a1. 1974) of twigs and small branches of angiosperms and is widely distributed in North America (Burt 1920; Overholts 1939; Lentz 1955; Gilbertson & a1. 1974). It has been isolated from utility poles (Zabel & a1. 1980) and mine timbers (Eslyn & Lombard 1983). Culturally, S. ochraceoflavum and S. complicatum are indistinguishable.
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