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Description:PHELLODON TOMENTOSUS (L. ex Fr.) Banker (p. 23) Fig. 6 (p. 20), Pl. 6 figs. c, d
Basidiomes mostly concrescent. Pileus (fresh) up to c. 40 mm across, plane to depressed; at first tomentose, then radiately fibrillose, fibrillosescaly, wrinkled or ridged, more or less concentrically corrugated, sometimes pitted or asperate in centre, rarely with matted and featureless surface; originally white, then yellow-brown or yellowish grey-brown, with or (more rarely) without concentric darker colour zones, finally a deep warm brown to black-brown. Stipe (fresh) 5-40 x 2-8 mm (somewhat shrinking on drying), cylindrical to irregularly flexuous or flattened, arising from common mycelial pad or rooting, fibrillose (not tomentose) to smooth and glabrous, more rarely matted below, yellow-brown to dark brown. Spines 2 mm long, 0.1-0.2 mm broad, white, finally grey (frequently flesh colour when dried immature). Context (fresh) 1-2 mm thick and inconspicuously or not duplex in pileus, rarely duplex near base of stipe, pallid near margin of pileus, yellow-brown in centre, brown in stipe.
Hyphae 2.7-5 µm wide. Basidia 22-24 x 3.5-5 µm. Spores 3.1-3.6 x 2.7-3 µm.
Growing in coniferous and mixed woods.
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