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Remarks (internal):Selected colour illustrations: Moser/Jülich: III Inocybe 2; Stangl: pl. 1(2). This species is poisonous (muscarine). Bresinsky & Besl (1985) have compiled a list of Inocybe species in which muscarine has been detected.
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Description:Inocybe terrigena (Fr.) Kuyper, Persoonia 12: 482, 1985.
Basidioma similar to a Pholiota. Pileus convex, soon becoming flat, umbo indistinct or lacking, margin incurved, 25-60 mm diam., light brown, with distinct scales which are darker in colour, not hygrophanous. Cortina present. Gills decurrent with a tooth, colour similar to pileus. Stipe equal, 30-65 mm long, 4-10 mm thick, yellowish-brown, fibrillose and scaly, with yellowish basal tomentum, scales sometimes forming a fragile ring in the upper half of the stipe. Context yellowish. Smell indistinct. Spores smooth, without germ pore, 10,0-11,0 x 6,0-7,0 µm, L/W = 1,4-1,8, pale brownish. Basidia 33-42 x 8-11 µm, with 4 sterigmata, with yellowish brown pigment at maturity, with basal clamps. Cheilocystidia clavate, often septate, 20-33 x 9-13 µm, hyaline, with basal clamps. Pleurocystidia absent. Hymenophoral trama regular. Cuticle a cutis formed byseptate hyphae, 5-10 µm wide, with yellow pigment. Caulocystidia clavate, similar to cheilocystidia, hyaline, with basal clamps, at tip of stipe. Clamps abundant in any part of the fruitbody.
Hosts: Ectomycorrhizal, under conifers.
Disease: None.
Geographical distribution: Europe.
Physiological specialization: None known.
Transmission: Via airborne basidiospores.
Literature: Bresinsky, A. & Besl, H., Giftpilze. Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, Stuttgart, 1985 (toxins); Moser,
M. & Jülich, W., Colour atlas of basidiomycetes. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, 1985-1995 (colour illustration); Stangl, J., Die Gattung Inocybe in Bayern. Hoppea 46: 1-388, 1989. (monograph).

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