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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:HYDNELLUM COMPACTUM (Pers. ex Fr.) P. Karst. (p. 39) Fig. 16 (p. 40), Pl. 16 figs. b, c, Pl. 17 fig. a
Basidiomes simple or concrescent. Pileus up to 75 mm across, convex to somewhat depressed; at first velutinous or woolly (in this stage once found covered with red-brown drops), then shallowly to reticulately pitted or reticulately hispid, without concentric or radiate markings; originally white, then yellowish or dingy ochraceous yellow, often with olivaceous hue, finally yellow-brown to dark brown. Stipe 15-70 x 10-30 mm, sometimes hardly developed, cylindrical or tapering below, velutinous, felted or almost glabrous, concolorous with pileus or darker. Spines up to 4 mm long, 0.1-0.4 mm broad, whitish, finally purplish brown. Context up to 20 mm thick near centre of pileus, duplex or not (tomentum of pileus usually much thinner than firm flesh), pallid to pale yellowish sepia brown, darker or more olivaceous in Stipe. Odour farinaceous. Taste acrid, then bitter.
Hyphae 2.5-13.5 µm wide, inflating in some places. Basidia 36-40 x 7-9 µm. Spores 5.4-6.3 x 3.6-4.5 µm.
Growing under Fagaceae, mostly Quercus.
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