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Description:HYDNELLUM FERRUGINEUM (Fr. ex Fr.) P. Karst. (p. 47) Figs. 24-27 (p. 46), Pl. 20 figs. b-d, Pl. 21
Basidiomes simple or concrescent. Pileus up to 100 mm across, planoconvex to depressed, rarely smooth, usually uneven or with broad, low swellings or colliculose, more rarely with shallow concentric groove, with age becoming radiately wrinkled at margin; at first velutinous, then almost hispid or finely to reticulately pitted, frequently also becoming matted; originally white to pinkish white (in this stage not infrequently
covered with red drops), then flesh colour, yellow-brown, reddish brown, finally dark brown, staining dark red-brown when bruised. Stipe 5-60 x 7-30 mm, cylindrical to fusiform, more rarely tapering below, with rooting base or arising from greyish yellow mycelial pad, velutinous, later matted, finally concolorous with pileus. Spines up to 6 mm long, 0.1-0.3 mm broad, whitish, finally purplish brown. Context up to 15 mm thick near centre of pileus, duplex both in pileus and stipe, dingy pink in (young) pileus, purplish brown towards stipe, spotted with elongate whitish dots. Odour farinaceous.
Hyphae 2.5-5 µm wide. Basidia 25-30 x 6-7 µm. Spores (5.4-)5.8-6.3 x 3.6-4.5 µm.
In coniferous woods (Picea, Pinus), more rarely in mixed woods.

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