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Description:HYDNELLUM GEOGENIUM (Fr.) Banker (p. 55) Fig. 37 (p. 59), Pl. 24 figs. a-c
Basidiomes rarely simple, mostly concrescent and often imbricate. Pileus (young rarely clavate, chrome yellow to sulphur yellow, resembling some species of Clavaria) up to c. 25 mm across, centrally stipitate and plane to infundibuliform, or laterally stipitate and flabelliform, becoming increasingly complicated by the development of radiate wrinkles, lamellae, excrescences, and of secondary pileoli; at first velutinous, then felted or radiately fibrillose, more rarely matted; originally sulphur yellow, then olive brown to dark olive green, blackened where bruised, occasionally with concentric paler zones near margin, the latter long remaining yellow, sometimes becoming white. Stipe up to 20 mm long, up to 6 mm broad, at times hardly developed, usually branched, velutinous, felted or matted, concolorous with pileus, black when bruised, with chrome yellow mycelial felt at base. Spines up to 2.5 mm long, 0.1-0.2 mm broad, sulphur yellow, finally pale purplish brown. Context up to c. 1 mm thick, chrome yellow in youngest parts of pileus and in base of stipe, yellowish olive green or grey-green in older parts.
Hyphae 2.7-6.3 µm wide. Basidia 22-27 x 4.5-5.5 µm. Spores 4.5-5.2 x 3.1-3.6 µm.
In coniferous woods.
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