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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:HYDNELLUM GRACILIPES (P. Karst.) P. Karst. (p. 48) Figs. 28, 29 (p. 51), Pl. 22 fig. a
Basidiomes simple or concrescent. Pileus up to 30 mm across, plane to slightly depressed, tomentose, then matted, smooth, without concentric or radiate markings, occasionally covered with scattered dots of excreted matter, fairly pale purplish brown, somewhat more yellowish in centre, dark where bruised. Stipe 10-15 x 2-4 mm, tapering below, tomentose, then matted or glabrescent, concolorous with pileus, with rooting, whitish base. Spines up to 2.5 mm long, fairly pale purplish brown. Context up to 1.5 mm thick, inconspicuously duplex, soft in pileus, somewhat firmer in stipe, purplish brown.
Hyphae 2.7-5.4 µm wide. Basidia c. 25-27 x 5.5 µm. Spores 4.3-4.6 x 2.7-3.6 µm.
In coniferous woods.
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