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 Add this item to the list  HYDNELLUM MIRABILE (Fr.) P. Karst. (p. 40)
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Description:HYDNELLUM MIRABILE (Fr.) P. Karst. (p. 40)
Fig. 17 (p. 40), Pl. 17 fig. b, Pl. 18 fig. a
Basidiomes simple or concrescent. Pileus up to 90 mm across, planoconvex to depressed, occasionally somewhat colliculose; at first velutinous to somewhat woolly, then hispid or pitted or forming a woolly-matted surface from which emerge long, flexuous hairs made up of agglutinated hyphae; originally sulphur yellow (pale yellowish when dry), then ochraceous yellow, olive brown, dark brown. Stipe 10-30 x 5-20 mm, sometimes hardly developed, cylindrical or tapering below, tomentose, whitish, then olive brown. Spines up to 5 mm long, 0.1-0.3 mm broad, yellowish, finally purplish brown. Context up to 15 mm thick near centre of pileus, duplex (tomentum of pileus usually much thicker and darker than firm flesh), pallid to pale brownish. Odour farinaceous. Taste not noted.
Hyphae 2.7-11 µm wide, inflating in some places. Basidia 28-33 x 5.5-6.5 µm. Spores 5.6-5,8 x 4.5 µm.
In coniferous woods (Picea, Pinus).
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