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Description:HYDNELLUM PECKII Banker apud Peck (p. 31) Fig. 9 (p. 36), Pl. 10
Basidiomes simple to concrescent. Pileus up to c. 65 mm across, plano-convex to depressed, rarely smooth, usually uneven to colliculose or ridged to scrobiculate in centre, radiately fibrillose-scaly farther outwards, with or without concentric zones; at first velutinous (in this stage not infrequently covered with red droplets), then matted or fibrillose; originally white, then pale vinaceous or brownish pink, from centre outwards turning red-brown, purplish brown or black-brown, occasionally also bluish grey, not infrequently with some concentric colour zones, when dry more or less covered with pustules or dots of yellowish crystalline matter. Stipe 5-60 x 5-20 mm, cylindrical to fusiform, velutinous, then matted, finally concolorous with pile-as. Spines up to 4.5 mm long, 0.1-0.2 mm broad, white, then fairly pale purplish brown. Context up to 10 mm thick near centre of pileus, duplex both in pileus and stipe (but pileal tomentum soon collapsed), pallid, pinkish brownish to pale brownish (without purplish hue), spotted with elongate yellowish dots, darker in stipe, blackish-spotted (best seen when dry). Taste acrid.
Hyphae 2.5-6.3 um wide. Basidia 25-30 x 6-7 µm. Spores 4.9-5.4 x 3.8-4 µm.
In coniferous woods (Picea, Pinus).
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