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Description:SARCODON LEUCOPUS (Pers.) Maas G. & Nannf. (p. 60) Fig. 39 (p. 59), Pls. 27, 28
Basidiomes usually simple. Pileus up to c. 200 mm across, planoconvex or slightly depressed, without concentric or radiate markings, at first finely felted; felt collapsed to form smooth, more or less shiny, innate-scaly cuticle, the latter subsequently radiately rimose near margin, breaking up into areoles in centre, here with scales somewhat more pronounced and tips sometimes slightly raised; pale purplish brown on yellowish drab ground colour or a rich purplish brown to dark brown. Stipe 40-80 x 20-60 mm, cylindrical to ventricose, finely tomentose, later with smooth or innate-scaly cuticle, concolorous with pileus or paler, whitish below, after some time with green spots (always?). Spines up to c. 15 x 1 mm, whitish, finally purplish brown. Context up to 40 mm thick near centre of pileus, whitish, suffused with purplish brown to violet tints, after some time pale greenish. Odour commonly experienced as disagreeable. Taste bitter after some time.
Hyphae 3.5-27 µm wide. Basidia 30-38.5 x 5.5-9 µm. Spores (6.7-) 7.2-7.6(-9) x 4.5-5.6 µm. In coniferous woods.
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