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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:SARCODON UNDERWOODII Banker (p. 73) Figs. 51-53 (p. 72), Pl. 36 figs. c, d
Basidiomes simple. Pileus 20-90 mm across, plano-convex to somewhat depressed; at first tomentose, soon becoming fibrillose, then scaly; scales slender, fibrillose, adhering to appressed at margin, broader and with raised tips in centre, dark yellow-brown, reddish brown, purplish brown or dark brown, somewhat shiny, contrasting with paler yellow-brown ground colour. Stipe 20-50 x 5-12 mm, cylindrical or tapering below, with rooting base, tomentose, glabrescent, brownish flesh colour or yellow-brown, turning dark brown when bruised, with white-cottony base. Spines up to 6 mm long, whitish, finally purplish brown. Context up to 6 mm thick in centre of pileus, whitish, occasionally suffused with pink or pale purplish hues, finally flavescent, brownish or watery purplish grey in base of stipe. Odour farinaceous. Taste farinaceous, bitterish.
Hyphae up to 28 µm wide. Basidia 40-45 x 8-10 µm. Spores 7.2-8.8 x 5-5.4 µm.
Under oak (Quercus).
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