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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:SARCODON LUNDELLII Maas G. & Nannf. (p. 71)
Fig. 50 (p. 72), Pl. 36 fig. b
Basidiomes simple or concrescent. Pileus up to 90 mm across, planoconvex to depressed, woolly-velutinous or radiately fibrillose at margin, scaly farther back; scales slender, acute and appressed near margin, broad and with raised tips towards centre; fresh stated to be somewhat paler than Tricholoma vaccinum, then with some coppery shade; dry yellowish brown, reddish brown or purplish brown, with darker to very dark brown scales. Stipe 25-80 x 4-20 mm, cylindrical or somewhat broadened below, not rooting, finely tomentose, glabrescent, somewhat shiny, brownish whitish, locally suffused with delicate pinkish or violet hues, finally concolorous with pileus. Spines up to 4.5 mm long, 0.1-0.4 mm broad, purplish brown. Context whitish or pale brownish in pileus, somewhat darker in base of stipe. Odour farinaceous, later disagreeable. Taste at first mild, later somewhat acrid.
Hyphae up to 22 am wide. Basidia 30-36 x 6-7 µm. Spores 4.9-5.8 x 3.6-4.2 µm.
In coniferous, more rarely mixed woods.
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